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Why I Teach

By November 1, 2016December 9th, 2020Faith & Learning

Our teachers have many reasons why they chose to teach. Here are just a few reasons why “I teach”…

"One of the most exciting things about teaching is being used by God in the lives of those who will go out into his kingdom, in so many different fields. I value the opportunity to continue to understand more fully how our Biblical perspective colors every area of our lives."

"I love working with students and watching them grow and mature as individuals.  My favorite moments are those times when I can see the "light bulb" go off and that student realizes what might have been difficult now makes sense. " 

"I teach because I enjoy helping students learn something new."

"I teach because it's fun. "

"God has called me to be a teacher — it is who He made me to be."

"I enjoy watching students develop and improve their talents, especially in art. I appreciate what I learn from the students as I guide them through whatever it is I am teaching."

"I teach because I love kids."

"I've always loved learning and I enjoy kids!"

"I teach because I feel I followed God's calling."

"I LOVE children! I love watching them soak up information like sponges. I love seeing their smiling faces every day ready to learn and play."'

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