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Calvin Christian School provides a strong academic program designed to meet the needs of all learners. Having a comprehensive Preschool through 12th grade program allows us to develop and offer a comprehensive curricular program that provides continuity and growth throughout your child’s learning years. In keeping with our mission, the curriculum prepares students for active participation in their community both now and in the future.

Our Faith Is At The Core Of Our Instruction

Our faith is at the core of our instruction and plays an active, foundational role in each subject that is taught. This integration of faith and learning equips students with the knowledge to truly live a life of Christian service and make an impact in the world around them.

Arts Are An Essential Part Of The Curriculum

The arts are the integration of all learning by way of the eyes of Biblical Christian faith equips. The arts equip students to live a truly human life God has called us to, a life of wonder, worship, work & wisdom. Calvin recognizes the place of the arts in the development of the whole child as a Biblical mandate. God is the Creator. We are His image bearers called to reflect His beauty, grace and love. Through Performing and Visual Arts, Calvin is committed to fully developing the creative gifts of God’s children in order to glorify Him through unique avenues of self-expression and praise which affirm and celebrate each child.

Common Core State Standards

There is much interest about the Common Core standards and how they affect the curriculum at Calvin Christian School. To help our parents and prospective parents better understand our position, we have released the following statement here.


Calvin Christian Preschool takes advantage of every opportunity within the classroom routines for communicating God’s love to the children and to integrate Christian principles throughout the day and across the curriculum. Calvin Christian Preschool gives children a wonderful opportunity to achieve skills when they are developmentally ready. It is a nurturing environment, rich with experiences, where children are motivated to learn. Children learn by doing; I hear and I forget: I see and I remember: I do and I understand!

Calvin Christian Preschool’s curriculum is developmentally appropriate which means that the whole child is considered. The children learn about the love of Jesus, their world, how to get along with others and positive feelings about self and school.

Calvin Christian Preschool Philosophy

Calvin Christian Preschool was established as a service to Christian families and their children. The preschool complements the values found in a Christian home by enabling the child to spend a part of his or her day in a structured environment that is child size so that the student learns to interact with other children of his or her own age in group activity.

Our purpose is to provide an environment that is safe, secure, nurturing, and Christ-centered where children ages 2 through 5 can develop a Christian sense of worth. Each child has different patterns for growth and his or her learning experiences reflect that individual pattern. The child is surrounded by a Christian atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for each person and for the wonders of God’s world. The child learns most effectively in a child-centered and child-oriented environment, organized for discovery learning.

He/She is involved in active experimentation, exploration, and independent selection. The scope of learning experiences includes aesthetic, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual knowledge. A successfully developing child confidently acts in his or her environment, organizes his or her experiences, and exhibits flexibility.

This particular philosophy does not concern itself with quick, short-range changes in surface behavior, but rather in healthy positive learning which is the result of slow, quiet, subtle, growth. This is lasting growth.



  • Church attending families
  • Children ages 2-5 (Non potty trained welcomed)


  • Program available 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
  • Both full and half day (8-11:30 a.m..) schedules available


  • Kindergarten Prep, children must be 4 years old by September 1st of the current year.
  • 3 and Early 4 year olds, children must be 3 years old by September 1st of the current year and fully potty trained.
  • 2 and Early 3 year olds, children must be 2 years old, non-potty trained welcome.


  • Developmental program focused on kindergarten readiness
  • Children nurtured in a loving, hands-on environment
  • Daily circle times and learning centers


  • We take advantage of every opportunity to communicate God’s love to children
  • Integrate Christian principles throughout the day and across the curriculum

Open Door Policy

Calvin Christian Preschool has an open door policy. Visitors are always welcome! For additional information call us at (760) 520-8435 or send an email to [email protected] .

Academics, Curriculum, and Learning

Calvin Christian Preschool’s curriculum is developmentally appropriate which means that the whole child is considered. The children learn about the love of Jesus, their world, how to get along with others and positive feelings about self and school.

Calvin Christian Preschool is a developmental program geared toward kindergarten readiness.

We offer teacher directed circle times with the calendar, Pledge of Allegiance, attendance, Bible stories, theme of the week, phonetic sound of the week, music and movement and much more.

Circle times foster classroom skills: raising hands, listening skills, lengthening attention span, kindergarten readiness, auditory and visual memory, receptive and expressive language development, vocabulary, comprehension skills and following directions.

Children are also introduced to beginning spanish vocabulary.

Calvin Christian Preschool also includes a learning center approach where children are free to move through centers at their own pace.

Learning Centers

Creative Art

  • Finger painting, collaging, painting, etc, to foster hand-eye control, fine motor development, and pre-writing skills.

Work Center

  • This center houses the animal rhythm sound of the week, left to right discrimination activities, cutting, tracing, measuring and multi-sensory activities.
  • Objectives: Eye-hand control, fine motor development, correct pincher grasp, crossing the midline, left to right discrimination, attention span, good work habits, school readiness and self-confidence.

Phonics Curriculum

  • Animal Rhythms Phonics Program is a pre-reading program designed to help young children associate the letters of the alphabet with their sounds. Each letter has an animal with a name that begins with that letter’s sound (ex: Bobby Bear teaches the sound of “b”). Accompanying each letter is an alliterative chant called the animal rhythm, which reinforces the letter sound as the children memorize and repeat it over and over. Animal Rhythms teaches letter recognition, introduces uppercase and lowercase, and uses tools like “rainbow writing” to make learning fun. This is an enrichment program, which introduces pre-reading skills. These skills will provide children with solid foundation to lead them into the next grade.

Handwriting Curriculum

  • Handwriting without Tears is the name of our handwriting program. This is an award-winning curriculum that is fun! In addition to handwriting, this curriculum includes music, wooden pieces to form letters, chalk, slates and much more. This handwriting curriculum accomodates all learning styles.

Math Center

  • Math Their Way is a wonderful hands-on math program. The usage in preschool is generally free exploration using the following materials: patterning blocks, geo boards, scales, number pegs, number tracing, chain links, unifix cubes and sorting, classifying and matching various items.
  • Objectives: One-to-one correspondence, problem solving, visual discrimination, shape and space concepts, abstract concepts, hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, creative expression and self-confidence.

Science and Social Awareness

  • Many of these activities are covered through our thematic units and through our creative “hands-on” activities. Some of our learning themes include: dinosaurs, community helpers, gardening, seasons, ocean life and water around us, weather, animals, Native Americans and other cultures, insects and spiders, and much more.
  • Objectives: To foster curiosity about our world, experience change in form, self-awareness, increase vocabulary, classifying and tactile stimulation.

Elementary School

Located at 1868 N. Broadway, our elementary campus is home to Kindergarten through 5th grade. A team of teachers work together to teach our students from a Biblical worldview, providing them with a broad educational foundation. Calvin Christian Elementary School begins each day at 8:05 a.m. and ends the day at 2:50 p.m. The school offers both a 5-day and 3-day Kindergarten program, both meeting for a full day. Students enrolled for the 3-day program meet on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

As part of a life of Christ-centered service, students will be able to expand their knowledge and develop their unique talents and abilities to make an impact in their communities. Our curriculum is designed to meet the academic, social, spiritual, physical, and creative needs of each child. For more information, click below.

Learning at Calvin Christian

Our educational goal is to open up God’s world to our students. In providing them with a broad educational foundation, students will be able to expand their knowledge and develop their unique talents and abilities to make an impact in their communities. Our curriculum is designed to meet the academic, social, spiritual, physical, and creative needs of each child.

Reading instruction begins with a phonetic approach at the lower levels. Once established as readers, students learn the comprehension skills needed for both academic success and personal enjoyment. Accelerated Reader, a web-based program that students access in their classrooms, is used to strengthen student comprehension and challenge those students who are fluent readers.

Our math curriculum is focused on understanding the concepts behind mathematical ideas and problem solving. The curriculum we use is Singapore Math, and through our skilled teachers, our students are well-prepared for the challenges of math in junior high and high school. In addition, we use a web-based program called Accelerated Math, which allows our teachers to identify and address areas of weakness and challenge those who excel in math.

Our English program teaches students how to be skilled writers. By working through all the genres of writing, our students have a good understanding of the writing process, and produce excellent pieces of writing in each grade level. Our teachers work to establish a “culture of writing” where our students have every opportunity they need to be skilled writers. Specific lessons on grammar, spelling, and other related skills are correlated to the writing process.

Social Studies
Social Studies plays an important role in the daily lives of our students as current events are read about and discussed throughout the week in each class. At the primary level, students learn about their neighborhoods and communities and practice map skills. They learn the historical background of important holidays, events, and people. Using educational magazines like Weekly Reader Scholastic News, and National Geographic, teachers introduce students to news and issues throughout the world. In 4th and 5th grade, students move to a more formal curriculum that focuses on California history and a general history of the United States.

In science, students learn about various parts of God’s creation as they study plants and animals, space, the human body, weather, and a wide range other topics.

Although we integrate our faith into all subject areas, we also teach Bible as its own subject. The focus of each grade level differs, but the overall goal is to reveal the biblical drama of God’s good creation, corrupted through sin, redeemed in Christ, and one day set right again. Students learn how they are God’s people, walking with Him. Through engaging lessons that focus on head, heart, and hands, students learn about their calling in God’s world.

Music appreciation is encouraged through singing and musical games. Classes meet twice a week to learn about famous composers and music theory or to sing together and learn new songs. Students participate in two productions: the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. Recorders are introduced in 4th grade, and students have the option of learning an instrument and joining the school band in 5th grade.

Art activities are led by the classroom teachers. Paint, oil pastels, watercolors, and chalk are just a few of the mediums your child might use to make a masterpiece. Some of those masterpieces make an appearance at our annual Art Show.

Physical Education
Physical Education classes take place twice a week with a certified P.E. instructor. The goal is to keep the students active and, by teaching them games and sports, to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Beginning in second grade, students participate in the Presidential Fitness Test. You can go online to read more about the Presidential Fitness Test.

Standardized Testing

Calvin Christian School administers the Map Growth assessment, a standardized test, to students in grades K-8 each fall and spring. Through this assessment, we gain a better understanding of how students change and grow over time. Download the Map Growth Parent Guide to learn more.

Junior High

The staff at Calvin Christian Junior High is a qualified group of professionals who take seriously the craft of Christian teaching. The love they have for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, shines through in the dedication they give to working with junior high students and all the challenges it involves. All teachers are credentialed and have earned degrees in education.

Calvin Christian recognizes that junior high students are in the process of transitioning from being an elementary student to an early adolescent who will soon enter high school. The challenging task of the junior high teachers is to understand and address the unique characteristics of this age and develop strategies that serve their needs. Our intent is to help the students move toward greater independence and to take responsibility for themselves as well as take ownership of their actions and education. The Calvin Christian community is committed to honoring Christ in all ways as we learn and work together. We gladly welcome those who would share this with us.


The Junior High is comprised of grades 6, 7 and 8. Our curriculum consists of the usual core courses (English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities and Bible) as well as other enrichment and exploratory classes (Band, Choir, Art, Computers and Physical Education). In addition to a very strong academic program, the junior high also offers students a wide range of athletic opportunities. Students in grades 7-8 can participate in flag football, volleyball, soccer and basketball; students in grades 6-8 can participate in cross-country and track. Check out the JH athletics calendar for dates and times. Junior High student life opportunities include Team 411, the junior high student leadership team, Life Skills classes, School life also includes regular chapel times and service opportunities.

Fine Arts

The fine arts are highly valued at Calvin Christian, a reflection of the creative beauty of our God. In addition to choir, band, and musical theater, each spring students participate in the Fine Arts Festival. It is held in the early Spring and each student participates in one or more categories. This evening competition is the culmination of months of work by the students and teachers. Performance categories include creative writing, art, speeches, vocal solos and ensembles, and instrumental solos and ensembles. The top students in each category go on to perform in a regional competition.


Technology is integrated into all of our coursework here at Calvin. Students in grades 6-12 will receive a Chromebook.

Service-Learning Requirement

We require all junior high school students to show through written communication their understanding, growth, and involvement in serving others. We have established our biblical rationale, program parameters, guidelines, process, and assessment for implementing service-learning into each grade level.

Learn More

Parent Partnership

Calvin Christian partners with parents in the education of students. Communication with the home is regular and convenient. In addition to contacting teachers via the typical means of phone calls and emails, parents can access grades, assignments, attendance, discipline, progress reports, and report cards through Crusader Connection, the online database.

High School

A sound philosophy of education begins with a world and life view that understands that every sphere of life is under the authority of Christ and subject to Scripture. Education in the high school is of, by, and for the kingdom of Christ. Our goal is to prepare and train our students for effective service in Christ’s kingdom. As part of this training, our teaching staff seeks to help students evaluate and discern all they see in the world through the lens of the Word of God.

Calvin Christian High School especially seeks to provide a balanced program in the areas of spiritual development, academics, fine arts and athletics in order to meet the needs of all of our students. Our outstanding teaching staff, the key to the success of the school, leads the way in accomplishing this task. The teachers at CCHS are dedicated professionals who believe that they have been called by God to the teaching profession. We have a staff of teachers, administrators, and support personnel who all profess Christ as Savior and Lord and demonstrate that commitment in their character each day.


Calvin Christian High School offers a broad, comprehensive curriculum taught from a distinct Christian perspective. Class levels range from Advanced Placement to Honors to remedial education, allowing parents to choose courses that best suit the needs of their children. CCHS offers courses in Bible, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Business and Technology, and Physical Education.

In the spring teachers and the guidance counselor speak to students about course options for the following fall. Parents and students then review the course options and turn in their Course Selection Worksheets to the office.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses Offered

11th Grade

  • A.P. U.S. History
  • A.P. Biology

12th Grade

  • A.P. Calculus AB
  • A.P. English Literature & Composition
  • A.P. Spanish Language

Honors Courses Offered

  • Honors English 2
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Pre-Calculus
  • Honors Spanish 3
  • Honors Spanish 4 Honors

More information about AP, Honors, and Dual Credit courses click here.

Service Learning Requirement

We require all high school students to show through written communication their understanding, growth, and involvement in serving others. We have established our biblical rationale, program parameters, guidelines, process, and assessment for implementing service-learning into each grade level.

Graduation Requirements

Download Calvin Christian Graduation Requirements

Calvin Christian High School intentionally does not call itself a college prep school due to a commitment to serve, regardless of ability, all students from Christian homes. However, over 97% of the graduating students matriculate to college. Typically, over 60% of the graduates attend Christian colleges. Graduates are very successful in receiving admittance and scholarships to some of the best schools around the country.