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Emergency Plan

Calvin Christian School has a comprehensive emergency plan in place. The plan comes from a master plan put together by a variety of educators, police and fire department leaders and counselors. Our faculty and staff have been trained how to respond in the event of a school emergency. Our students are taken through various drills throughout the year to learn what to do as well. The basic outline for the plan is used internationally and has been adapted to fit Calvin Christian.

Emergency Communication Plan

  • Calvin has an Emergency Announcement System. In case of an emergency, an alert will be sent out within minutes of an incident/event. The alert will come to all parents/guardians that have shared one or more of the following: Email, Cell phone (text and voice call) and Home phone. *
  • We strongly encourage you to wait for the alert and following instructions before you call the school, especially in case of a school wide issue like an earthquake, fire, or an intruder on campus.
  • In case of a school wide emergency parents who come to campus will be brought to a designated area to receive the most current information possible and to get with their children as soon as possible. We cannot have students leave campus in case of emergency without being able to track there whereabouts and insure both their and the parents safety.

*If you have not shared email, cell or home phone with the school, and want to be notified of an emergency, please submit it via the Contact Update Form.

We hope and pray that our campus is free of emergency events. However, we also want to be prepared just in case they do. In the event of emergencies involving a limited number of students we will contact you or you can call the school. If you have any questions about the plan please contact one of the administrators.