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Introducing the 7th Grade Tech Class “Technology Tips and Trivia” Blog

By October 15, 2013December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

As the technology teacher at Calvin Christian School, I am often reminded of the importance of teaching technology class from a Biblical perspective. Why?

  • Technology can be dangerous
  • Technology can be misused to hurt others
  • Technology be an extremely powerful tool for building up God’s kingdom

Much of the power behind technology these days comes from the ability to send and receive information with anyone in the world over the Internet. The best way to teach is by doing. Therefore my 7th grade technology class has created a blog. Some of the lesson they are learning through this are:

  • How to protect personal information
  • How to use technology to serve others
  • Technology skills associated with blogging and video creation (screencasting, file management, video publishing, presentations, etc.)
  • Publishing work that fulfils a purpose can be very satisfying!

Our purpose for the blog, beside teaching the lessons above, is as follows:

  • Inform parents about what students are learning in tech class
  • Provide technology education for anyone interested
  • Provide wholesome entertainment

We would greatly appreciate your support! Here are a few things you can do:

  • Read the blog (views are tracked)
  • Watch the YouTube videos (again, views are tracked)
  • Give the YouTube videos a thumbs up
  • Share the blog
  • Make comments on the blog and/or the YouTube videos

Each blog will consist of one or two sentences, and a short video (under 2 minutes). Please take a look. I’m sure you’ll learn something!

Here’s the link to the blog:

Thanks for reading!

In Christ,
Mark Steenstra
Connecting Faith and Learning Guest Blogger
Technology Teacher
Technology Director
Calvin Christian School'

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