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Why I’m a Fan of Christian Education

By April 25, 2016December 9th, 2020Faith & Learning

When you get one chance at something, you better do all you can to get it right. 

What I am referring to is raising your children. Let’s face it, we have been given a job only a professional can do and we are amateurs! We have to get it right because there are no re-dos. Education will determine who has the greatest influence on your child in your ‘one crack at doing it right'. Just the amount of hours their school time will dominate is over half their waking hours. What does that mean? It means that their culture, their biases, their friends, their opinion about themselves, their God and their sexuality will be, by shear time dominance, in the hands of the people who surround them at school. 

It used to be that school was a safe, conservative and traditional place. We trusted educators and coaches to have our child’s best interest at heart. The public school system is now agenda based and education standards (vis a vis common core) have been lowered. It altered how our kids learn, making standards so subjective that they can easily be twisted, leaving the parent left out because the guidelines are so complicated and convoluted.  Most quit trying to help in shear frustration. 

Christian schools are an unique and guiding light in times like these. Generally you are exposing your children to people of like heart and values. We keep the Bible as our rule of truth. There are no wishy washy rules about sex identity and promiscuity. Educators have no hidden agenda but to teach the child key building blocks of knowledge, preparing the child for what they face in the next stage of education and for the social mazes they will have to navigate on their own.

It used to be that our children faced the lions when they went into Junior or Senior High school. Now the lion’s cave is kindergarten’s first day.  Only the Bible is prepared to take on such harsh realities. Christian Education? Oh, yes. We need it more than ever. Whatever the cost or sacrifice it takes to send our kids there because we can’t push this goal off until later. Proactivity means we take charge and make sure we do everything we can to make our children champions for God!

Zane Johnson helps her husband, Stephen Johnson, pastor Life Christian Church in Vista, CA. Zane was born into a Muslim family in Amman, Jordan. She received the Lord as a teenager and for this decision, she was disowned by her father and ostracized by her family. Zane and her husband have 3 adult children.'

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