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The Mindset of a Calvin Grad

By February 1, 2015December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

Though Calvin Christian may have some drawbacks being a small private school, its tight-knit student body, devoted administration and faculty, and welcoming Christian community coalesce to make Calvin a comprehensive college preparatory experience.

The Christian community that so faithfully supports, prays for, and encourages the students is one of the most appealing aspects of Calvin Christian for me. High school can be a tumultuous time in young people’s lives, and having the availability of strong Christian mentors and friends who will help you through whatever struggles you may have is a blessing that shouldn't be taken for granted. It’s always reassuring to have a profusion of godly men and women, friends and family, who are willing to help you when you need it most and direct you on the path to righteousness. In fact, several teachers at Calvin are my personal role models because they truly reflect how Christ wants us to live. Exhibiting an authentic faith and in turn a genuine love for everyone around them, the teachers also recognize that the subject they teach is pertinent to God’s general revelation.

Academically, Calvin is rigorous and offers a challenging course load. Though Calvin may not offer as many AP classes as a big public high school, what makes Calvin stand out academically is the perspective from which students learn. Fostering a Reformed Christian worldview, teachers stimulate their students to action for Christ in all domains of life, not just in the classroom. Teachers at Calvin are unique from most because they instill in each and every student a desire to achieve academic success not solely for themselves, but to realize their true intention is to glorify God with the efforts they put forth. These efforts should be applied to all areas of life, causing us to give a pure and honest effort even in our weaker areas. The students’ relationships with friends and family, their athletic, musical, and creative abilities are all a reflection of the effort and care they put into them. Therefore, I would argue that what makes the students at Calvin unique is their motivation for pursuing endeavors. God calls his people to cultivate the gifts he has given them, and so, inspired by teachers and emboldened by God’s Word, students embrace this worldview and recognize the fruits of their labor are not for self-gain, but for honoring and glorifying God.

This mindset is what I appreciate most about Calvin Christian. Going off to Claremont McKenna College, a secular institution, has opened my eyes to how hospitable and supportive Calvin truly is. Though I love my college, it doesn't have the same atmosphere that Calvin does, and at times I miss the prodigious spiritual support that Calvin has to offer. However, Calvin Christian has prepared me well throughout the thirteen years I have attended, and I can say without a doubt that it has given me the tools and assets necessary for collegiate success, both academically and spiritually.'

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