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By May 15, 2015December 13th, 2020Faith & Learning

Preparing students “for a life of Christ-centered service” is part of the final sentence of our mission statement.  But it is more than a bunch of words, it is truly our mission.  Every day we strive to engage this mission in the classroom, on the athletic field, in every room and all the time.  In a world where nearly unlimited information, opinion, videos, and pictures are available literally in the palm of your hand, we believe this mission is more important than ever.

The perspective at Calvin Christian School is different from most others for education.  What makes us distinctive is that we are always trying to get students to look at what they are learning through the lens of Scripture.  Students are continually looking at God’s world and understand, through the leading of a Christian teacher, how God reveals Himself in this amazing world He has created.  

Some education tries to hide from the dangers of the world.  Others proclaim that everyone has their own truth which students need to discover.  At Calvin, we are regularly reminding students that there is truth – and that is God’s truth.  As we mature as Christians, students should be seeking to engage the world rather than hiding from it. This type of education can get messy.  In involves deep thinking, seeking after wisdom, growing in Christian discernment and the understanding that all of us make mistakes as we grow in our Christian walk.  We need prayer from the whole community and the work of the Holy Spirit in this process.  

Our goal is to prepare students for their future beyond the walls of Calvin Christian.  As we talk with graduates we can see that many have taken this training and applied it in their careers and their life. We thank you for joining us in this incredibly important task.  As we approach summer break, pray for the school, for the rest of the events of this year, the seniors who graduate and take up another task, and for the summer work in preparing for another school year.'

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