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7 Habits of Parents With Kids Who Thrive In School

By January 4, 2016December 9th, 2020Faith & Learning

Parents with kids who are successful in school have habits that lead to their children's success.  These habits are what help children do well in school, no matter how much education or money the parents have. These habits go beyond parents being involved in school.  They are what make a parent effective.  They create an atmosphere where children succeed.  Learn what these habits are so you can lead your child to thrive in school.

1.  They Read To and Talk With Their Children

Children who are read to learn a lot about reading long before they learn to read.  Children learn everything from which direction words are read to pronunciation and context from being read to.  Even children with second and third-grade reading levels benefit from having books slightly beyond their reading level read to them.

Talking with your child or teen regularly provides further language skills.  It also gives you child an emotional connection with you.  You can share your wisdom and experience with your child.  You get to see into their world when you talk with them.  Regular conversation with you teaches them valuable conversation skills, including how to relate to people outside of their own age group.

2. They Have High Expectations

Parents who expect that their children will succeed in school make sure that school success happens.  For these parents, it is simply not even an option that their children will do homework.  The only questions are how and when.  This also goes for school attendance, studying and other elements of working for success in school.

3. They Continue To Learn And Adapt Their Parenting Skills

Effective parents find new ways to handle new problems that arise.  When something isn't working at home, these parents look for solutions and support.  They find the reasons for their child struggles in school and take steps to help their child overcome them.

4. They Let Their Children Be Responsible

Effective parents know that they are raising children, not living their child's lives for them.  They encourage children to use their own reasoning to make their own decisions.  They step in only when necessary to keep their children safe, or to provide guidance when a child doesn't know what to do.

Effective parents let their children do their own homework.  These parents do not do their children's work or solve their child's problems for them.  Instead, they provide guidance so their children gain experience and confidence.

5. Their Discipline Style Is Effective

Effective parents are authoritative parents.  Their rules are clear and children know what to expect.  o. These parents are not overly strict and so rigid that their children are afraid to do anything or they rebel against every rule.  Effective parents also avoid being too permissive, avoiding clear rules that lack safe boundaries for children.

6. They Build Communities of Support

Everyone needs people around them.  People for friendship, for support, for learning from.  Effective parents build communities for themselves and for their children.  They connect with other parents.  They have good communication with their children's teachers.  They get to know neighbors, coaches, fellow church members and other people in their community.

7. They Take Care of Their Own Needs

If you are sick or broke or depressed, you can't help others.  You have to take care of yourself first.  Effective parents take this even further.  They set examples by overcoming problems and achieving new goals.  Their children learn how to deal with the challenges of life by watching their parents. 

By Lisa Linnell-Olsen
Parenting in Schools Expert

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