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14,040 hours. 2,340 days.

By March 7, 2014December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

Wow, kids sure do spend a lot of time in school! I bet you never looked at it in such detail. Calvin Christian offers 14,040 hours of school – translated, we offer a full Kindergarten through 12th grade program. Not to mention, our awesome Preschool for children age 2 years through pre-Kindergarten. There aren’t many Christian schools in our area who can say that. Just think, your little guy/gal can start with us in Kindergarten and proceed right on through junior high and high school. What a blessing to be able to have your children at one school!

Calvin Christian offers many opportunities for your child to spend those 14,040 hours. For starters, in our K-5 elementary program, we offer Spanish classes 5 days a week and music and PE classes 2 days a week. Our kids also learn to properly use technology, which includes learning how to properly type on a keyboard. In 5th grade, our students’ music education takes a step up as they join our junior high and high school music director for band. In junior high, our students will carry a balanced course load that includes Bible, math, band/choir, science and language arts in addition to other classes. Our junior high students can participate in intramural sports that include flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and cross country. Calvin Christian High School offers so much more than most are even aware. In the academic arena, the school offers many options for students depending on their educational goals; including Honors and AP classes. You’re into sports? Our athletics program is quite competitive. We have football, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track & field, cross country and golf – whew, that was a mouth full! If a student wants to play a sport, most likely they are going to play!

Hmmm… let me think of a few more ways to spend 14,040 hours… Mini-Olympics, Dutch Heritage Festival, Walk-A-Thon, Community Service Day, Christmas Concert, Spring Musical, Grandparents Day, High School Lock-In, Committed Christian Faculty & Staff, Fine Arts Festival, Outdoor Band Concert, Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast, Christians-In-Action Club, Woodworking Club, Fellowship Dinner, Senior/Kinder Buddy Program, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Junior High Bible projects, Involved Parents, Spring Break Missions trips, and Summer Trips Abroad. Pick a reason. Calvin Christian School is the place for your child to spend his/her next 14,040 hours.'

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