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What is Excellence in Education?

By February 27, 2012December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning


Calvin’s mission statement ends with the phrase, “providing children from Christian families with an excellent education for a life of Christ-centered service.”  So what is excellence at Calvin Christian?  This is something we wrestle with regularly.  In our strategic plan we listed defining “Excellence in Education” as a task we wanted to accomplish.  We did this not just to have a document but also, to go through the process.  At a school that is intentionally Christian in its perspective, excellence means academic achievement but also much more.

After some discussion we decided to define “Excellence in Education” through our Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs).  These same results are evaluated by our accreditation body when they look at our performance as a school.

After much work at the Education Committee level, which involves parents, teachers, administrators, and board members we have come up with a completed document.  You can find it on the school website in the Academic section.  Take a look.  Calvin continues to strive and be excellent in all areas to meet our mission of providing an excellent education for a life of Christ-centered service.'

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