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What I’ll Miss

By June 8, 2015December 10th, 2020Faith & Learning

Calvin Christian High School has deeply impacted my life, and I have made countless memories here that will last a lifetime. But the aspect of Calvin that I will miss the most is the outstanding faculty and the relationships that I have been able to build with some of them. All the teachers at Calvin love what they teach, and they are all very good at teaching it. I have been able to develop personal relationships with two teachers in particular. Mr. Whitener is probably one of my best adult friends, and the same is true of Mr. Miedema. I have had a blast working with Mr. Whitener on all things Student Council the last couple of years, and I was also blessed with the opportunity to go on two trips with him-one to San Francisco and another to New York. I have also gotten to know Mr. Miedema both in and out of school. I loved playing basketball on the JV team with him as the coach, and Senior PE with him was probably my favorite class that I have taken at Calvin. But I have also had the opportunity to hang out with him outside of school in various settings ranging from going over to his house to watch NBA Playoff games (Go Warriors!) to having him over to my house for birthday parties. These two godly men have been both mentors and friends to me, and I just hope that I will get the chance to hang out with them again when I return from college. Thank  you!'

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