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Tips to Stop the Summer Slide

By June 2, 2020August 4th, 2021Faith & Learning

Ah! June, July, and August! Every year teachers look forward to those three months. We've worked hard and now it is time for a different schedule, some of the books that have been piling up, maybe a class or two, the beach, family!

Ugh! June, July and August!  Every year teachers dread those three months. So much can be lost. So many students go backwards. So much of our hard work just seems to dissipate.  

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are so many ways to make reading fun over the summer, especially for younger children. Put pillows in the bathtub, climb in and read books. Read books in the closet with a flashlight. Roll the windows down in the car while it's parked in the garage, climb in and read a book. Read a chapter book to them while they are eating breakfast. Be creative!  It will work!

Review each letter and sound throughout the summer. For the short U sound eat lunch under the table. Pick up hamburgers and take a hike to review the H sound. The possibilities are endless and you can find so many more ideas online. 

It's a little more challenging for older students. But consider bribing them! Or you can consider it motivating your student! Get them involved in the negotiations. How many books need to be read to earn a gift card? Or perhaps a new article of clothing from their favorite store. (It's something you'd buy anyway, right?). 

Yes! June July and August! A time to focus on your child and help them stay sharp. It's worth it. We will be praying for you. 

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