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The Road Beutlich Traveled

By March 12, 2018September 11th, 2020Faith & Learning


Jonathan Beutlich with his wife and children. 


I’ve been asked to write for Calvin this time,
And figured I’d do it with rhythm and rhyme.
I’ve been a teacher for quite a few years;
Shared many a joy and quite a few tears.

Started way back in two thousand and three;
A newby and young at twenty and three.
Frozen and nervous was I in Kalamazoo;
Never did question; this was my calling to do.

Soon I was married, balancing work and a wife;
To Escondido we traveled to start our new life.
Junior high science I was hired to teach,
And English class too with its figures of speech.

Here I’ve been working for years like a dozen,
Yet still I’m excited and keeping a buzzin’
About hearing the familiar “I’ve got this now!”
From the students that struggle with a furrowed up brow.

Our students are here of all different ages;
Nurtured by Christians at each of the stages.
Here we partake in various sports,
While our brains get work of a different sorts.

Now is the time to finish this blog,
So I can go out and enjoy a good jog.
Thanks be to school for being so great,
And allowing my words to carry such weight.'

Author CJ Halloran

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