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Long View

We are in a time when things truly are a bit depressing and worrisome.  We can’t do a lot of things.  We can’t get together with friends, we can’t go to church, we can’t go out for dinner, we can’t go to a concert or a sporting event.   Jayne and I can’t see our grandkids like we usually do.   All these things are truly a downer.

This short view isn’t very positive.   However, we really need to see the long view.  This is a practical perspective but also very Biblical.  Scripture is full of examples of God telling us to think about what will happen down the path and not just dwell on our conditions at the moment.  Some of these include the people of Israel in the desert, Job, New Testament Christians waiting for Jesus return, etc.

I believe we are in a time at Calvin Christian School where we need to take that long view as well.   My granddaughter is a kindergartner at Calvin, for which Jayne and I are grateful.   She right now has a very short term view.  She is troubled that she doesn’t get to see her teacher and asks regularly when she will get to see Mrs. Petro again.    She understands she may go to first grade without ever being back with her kindergarten classmates and teacher, and she doesn’t like it.

She is too young to understand the long view.  We as adults and especially as Christians, are called to do that.   We trust that God is there for us through all our lives.  We also understand that eventually we will get to have dinner with friends, go to concerts, and attend church together.   

It helps me to know my granddaughter will have the amazing opportunity to grow at Calvin Christian for twelve more years.  Hopefully those years will be more like we are used to than the last half of this one.  Knowing our history, I am confident she will receive a wonderful Christ-centered education where faith and learning are connected.  

Together, let’s try to remember the long view.  The long view of faith and trust in our heavenly Father for our daily lives and for eternity. The long view that our children and grandchildren will have the stability of Christian teachers and excellent education in the future.

This all gives me hope.  I look forward.  Forward to watching my grandkids and your children and grandchildren grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord.  I look forward to their concerts, plays, ball games, and to the next Grandparents Day.   I am thankful they attend a school that has weathered difficulties in the past and will again.  Hang in there and take the long view.

Terry Kok is Calvin Christian School’s part-time Director of Advancement and former Superintendent. He and his wife, Jayne, have 4 grandchildren. His granddaughter, Annika, is enrolled in Calvin’s kindergarten program.

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