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Student Council Leadership Training

By November 1, 2013December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

On September 13, Mr. Whitener and Calvin Christian’s Student Council participated in the Disney Youth Education Series (DisneyYES) Leadership Training. It was a world-class experience. Our 12 students had their our own professional facilitator for three hours and did many exercises on team building, leadership styles, multitasking, taking up the slack, overcoming obstacles, how “yes is more important than no,” and even brainstorming to plan a project using the Student Council’s homecoming dinner as an example.

For the training, the students were blessed to have Marie, one of the designers of the program and 12 year veteran of Disney education, as their facilitator. Thanks to the 2012-2013 Student Council and the Rumberger Foundation for funding this important training for our student leaders.'

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