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“How safe is your campus?” – As the Director of Enrollment at Calvin Christian School, I hear that question a lot. In a recent seminar on school marketing and admissions, the speaker talked about school safety as being one of 3 top priorities when parents consider a school for their children. We here at Calvin know and recognize that.

We have taken many steps to help create a safe environment for our students. Last year, we installed security cameras around the Preschool, Elementary, Junior High and High School. We also work proactively with our students throughout the year practicing emergency drills and procedures. This includes "what to do when" scenarios like what do do when a suspicious person or stranger is on or around campus. We’re a closed campus, in that even a parent visiting campus is required to check in the main office and wear a visitor badge while on campus. If a student notices a person without a badge on our campus, they know to report that person to a teacher. 

In addition to the school, children should be taught about stranger danger in all areas of their life. There are many ways you can help make your children safe and aware of stranger danger. Simple steps such as teaching them:

  1. Who is a stranger?
  2. Who are safe strangers?
  3. Recognizing and handling dangerous situations

Learn more about these steps at the National Crime Prevention Council by clicking HERE.'

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