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Prepare the Way of the Lord

By December 7, 2015December 10th, 2020Faith & Learning

“Prepare, prepare the way of the Lord…” These are the lyrics to a song our younger students are learning for the upcoming Christmas concert. Most of us know what it means to prepare. We get ready for things every single day by dressing, eating, and traveling to our destination. We practice memory verses, spelling lists, and math facts so we can be ready for the rigors of a school day. We even sleep so we can be ready for tomorrow’s activities.

What is interesting is that in Isaiah 40, where we find the command to prepare the way of the Lord, we read about some truly astounding, completely out-of-the ordinary preparations: valleys are lifted up, mountains made low, crooked things are straightened, and rough places are made smooth. These preparations are about as far from our daily preparations as I could imagine. Instead of quiet, personal, and repeatable activities, these are drastic actions! If this is my to-do list before Christmas, I am in big trouble.

Looking at the list, I can only conclude that these are not things intended for me to perform. No, the actor in this scene is God. He will prepare his own way. In the time of Christ, he prepared by placing the Romans in power, leveling roads, instituting peace and order, establishing a common language. Our Lord sent John the Baptist to ready the people. “Listen, repent, turn!” he cried. For, the glory of the Lord was being revealed in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Only our God could bring about these preparations.

Today, the actor is still God. As we prepare for our concert, it is with the knowledge that only Christ can truly prepare us to meet him. Only through his Spirit do we come to know and understand the glory of his first coming and the urgency and power of his promised second coming. So, our song is also our prayer: prepare us, Lord, to worship you now, and prepare us for your coming again. With that understanding, we joyfully sing:  “Prepare, prepare the way of the Lord!”

Calvin Christian School's annual Christmas Concert will take place on Monday, December 14 at 6:30 pm. Please plan on joining us for this beloved event.'

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