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One Word

By January 3, 2018September 11th, 2020Faith & Learning

In 2017, Calvin Christian School shared blog posts from local church leaders. In January of last year, we shared a post titled “Discover Your One Word” from Pastor Shawn Kennedy of Existence Church. We think it’s worth sharing again so you can find your one word for 2018!

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When we think about entering into a new year, we can’t help but think about all we didn’t accomplish in the previous year and all we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Which is why new year’s resolutions are so popular in our culture.

Have you been thinking about or already made a list of new year’s resolutions?

Well if you have or will, you are certainly not alone. In 2017, it is projected that almost 150 million people will make new year’s resolutions.

I know some of us think new year’s resolutions are silly and foolish, so we have made a unique new year’s resolution of our own. It’s to never again make a new year’s resolution. I can understand why someone would come to this conclusion. The research shows that 90% of new year’s resolutions are broken by the middle of the summer.

Although new year’s resolutions can be helpful, I believe there is a better way. After all, the majority of our new year’s resolutions typically focus on “what we want to do,” rather than asking the question, “who do we want to become.”

What we do matters, who we are matters more.

I want to go a step further and dive even deeper. It is good to ask, “who do we want to become,” but there is even a better, more biblical question. In my opinion it is the most important question we can ask all year long. It’s the question, “God who do you want me to become?”

It’s this question that positions us to slow down, listen to God, and put Him first.

“Samuel said, speak Lord for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10b

“Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.” Matthew 6:33a


At Existence Church, where I have the privilege and honor of serving as the Lead Pastor, we are asking everyone to forget about making a long list of changes based on last years regrets and focus on slowing down, thoughtfully reflecting, and prayerfully asking God for one word to take into this new year. One word that most captures who God is, inviting us to become, and what God is calling us toward in this next year. We may have a million word’s circulating in our mind. We are trusting for God to just put one word on our heart.

You can do this as well by the way.

What is “Discover Your Word?” Discover your Word is a simple, but powerful spiritual discipline to help you know, love, and serve Jesus this year.

Here is some wonderful things that happen when you discover your word.

+ You have a lens to notice God at work in your life throughout the year.

+ You have a clear area of focus to learn and grow.

+ You have insight into how God wants to use you in the life of others. When God gives you a word it is never just for you.

+ You have a way to include others in supporting, encouraging and praying for you all year long. We encourage you to give your word to your friends and family.

+ If you do this as a family, you have a specific way to support, encourage and pray for each other this next year.

Are you interested? If so, take a moment to visit the simple guide I put together by clicking here and take moment to listen to the first message in our Discover Your Word series by clicking here.

My word this year is “sow.” It comes out of Galatians 6 and Matthew 13. I believe God is inviting me this year to sow faithfully, generously, and decisively for His glory. Now that you know my word, I would encourage you to pray for me as a local pastor as I attempt by God’s grace to help people from all backgrounds know, love, and serve Jesus.'

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