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Meet the new English teacher

By July 9, 2015December 10th, 2020Faith & Learning

This fall, Calvin Christian High School will welcome a new English Literature teacher. Shelli Cammenga joins the high school staff after teaching 2 years at a Christian school in Michigan. We asked Shelli to share a few things about herself with us.

What are you looking forward to at Calvin?

When I was young, my grandpa used to preach at the church across the street. We would spend Christmases at his house and play on Calvin's playground. I remember wondering if God would give me the chance to come back and teach here when I got older. I am blown away that He actually provided this opportunity! Calvin is a school about which I have heard and experienced many good things and I look forward to working with a staff that is as passionate about Christian education and as innovative in helping students live it out in today's world as I am!

Why do you teach?

I teach because I believe it is the best stewardship of the gifts and abilities God gave me. I love my students and find it incredibly rewarding to watch them grow, discover their own abilities, learn to make decisions, and develop a healthy way of viewing the world. I am amazed and humbled that God uses me as an instructor, guide, and encourager in their lives.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to try a little bit of everything! Things I have tried my hand at include horseback riding, painting, knitting, cooking, photography, writing, piano, interior design, running, swing dancing, and birdwatching. And that is just a start! I find myself spending a great deal of time researching things that interest me, which can sometimes be as normal as the literature we are studying in class, or as off the wall as abandoned amusement parks in Japan.

What do you do for fun?

In the evenings and on the weekends, when I am not doing one of the many hobbies listed above, or spending time exploring new places with my close friends, I am likely to be marathoning one of my favorite TV shows or writing in a coffee shop.

What can you tell us about your family?

Both of my parents still live in Michigan. My dad is an engineer for Ziploc and my mom comes from a long line of teachers. I have two younger siblings, Andrew and Janelle, who are both at Dordt College. They are studying engineering and English respectively. One set of grandparents lives in Lynden, Washington, and the other set lives in a motor home (which is often parked just across the street!).'

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