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Leadership Training the Disney Way

By October 3, 2017September 15th, 2020Faith & Learning

On September 22, eleven students met at school at 7am, hopped in two vans, and traveled up to Disney’s California Adventure.

Once we had arrived we were met by our Y.E.S (youth education series) facilitator, who greeted each one of us in a very different way. To some she was professional, to others she was extremely laid back or rude. This was her way of teaching us our first lesson of the day, it only takes seven seconds to establish a first impression.

As we continued throughout the day we learned the importance of identifying core values that we felt were essential in the making of a good leader and how to exemplify these core values throughout our lives.

We did a series of exercises that helped us realize that failure is always a possibility, but it is how we choose to deal with it that will define the legacy we leave behind.

All in all, the training taught us to embrace our roles as leaders and use our leadership gifts as a way of bettering the community around us.'

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