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By December 17, 2012December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

I had planned to write a blog focusing on Christmas but after the tragedy in Newtown, which I couldn’t get out of my mind, I decided that my topic should focus on what happened in Connecticut.

As a parent and an educator of 35 years, the thought of the innocent children losing their lives in that school, the heartbreak and difficulties the parents, community, and school must be facing ( that we cannot imagine)  has all been weighing heavily on my mind.

In watching the news coverage I have been so touched by a couple of things I saw.  One was hearing the father of a little girl who talked about his daughter as a gift from God. Another was the video of the little six-year-old girl (who died), singing “Come Thou Almighty King” while her eight-year-old brother, (who lived) played the piano.  These images bring hope.
As we faced school at Calvin this week, with our sons and daughters who are healthy and strong, we will remember those families and a community that grieve.  We remember that we have a special gift from God through Jesus Christ that we can offer hope and prayers to them and to our own children.

As parents and as a school we must do our due diligence to protect our children as much as is reasonably possible, but we know that there is evil in the world.  However, this evil was totally overcome at the first Christmas and Easter with the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We do not suffer like those who have no hope.  We need to continue to share that hope with a fallen world.

So, in a way, this reflection is about Christmas.  It is about the joy and hope of Christmas.  Hug and love your children and grandchildren and all loved ones.  Remind them that Jesus loves them too and that our ultimate reassurance is in him.
God bless you and those you love during this wonderful Christmas season.'

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