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Being Proactive with the Safety and Security of our Students, Faculty and Staff

By November 21, 2013December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

In today’s world, can we ever stop being diligent with our children’s safety and security?  The answer is clearly no.  However, as Christians we continue to trust in God’s care and plan for our life and that of our children and grandchildren as well. Meanwhile, we do all we can to reasonably protect our loved ones.

At Calvin Christian we continue to teach children of the love and care of their heavenly father and also provide an environment where learning can thrive and the children can be safe to do what they are here for. In that light I wanted to share a few safety and security updates:

  1. Our comprehensive Crisis Management plan was updated as were our e-mail and phone lists so parents can be contacted quickly if necessary.
  2. Students in the junior high and high school were reminded of what to do if there is a stranger on campus.  In December we will review this procedure again.
  3. In October security cameras were installed on all campuses and buildings.  We now have the ability to monitor, from any computer, what is happening on campus, both live and recorded.
  4. In early November the staff and faculty received Active Shooter training from a nationally recognized expert. This included training for different scenarios, should the extremely unlikely happen, where someone with a gun came on campus. The consultant also toured our campus, and although he made a few minor suggestions, he was quite pleased with both our plans and our campus security.
  5. The west high school entry/exit door will be replaced with a door that limits its use as an entry point for daily use.
  6. Students continue to have regular fire drills, lockdown drills, and earthquake drills. 

We take the trust you have in us to care for your children seriously.  As Christians we know we are watching over His image bearers each day.  Please continue to pray for the safety of all those who are here daily at Calvin.'

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