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Back To School

By August 16, 2017October 13th, 2020Faith & Learning

I occasionally get asked by friends or family members about when I plan on “doing something better with my life.”  I am experienced enough at this point to know the intended direction of the question.  What they are really asking about is whether or not I am still happy about being at Calvin Christian School.

I have been attending Calvin Christian School for 18 years.  I was a student at Calvin for 7 years, and I’ve been teaching at Calvin for 11 years.  My wife, also an alumni, has taught at Calvin for 3 years and is starting her 4th.  I am also blessed to be a Calvin parent as all three of my children now attend Calvin.  Looking at all of this can cause people to realize that Calvin has been a part of my life for more than half the years that I have been alive.

My answer to the question about whether or not I’m still happy with Calvin is “yes, absolutely.”  Calvin Christian School is a blessing to my family.  My wife and I are both employed by Calvin.  It’s a wonderful place to work, but Calvin would be a part of our lives regardless of our employment.  Calvin is more than just a place to work or a place to send our kids.  Calvin is a community and an extension of my own family.  I know that not only are my children going to receive a top tier education from master teachers, but they are also going to be loved and raised by those same teachers in the Christian faith.

Now that all three of my children are in school, they will be spending more time with their teachers and friends than with me or my wife. That can be a scary thought; however, I know that through Calvin, my kids will be surrounded by teachers, families, and friends that have the same biblical beliefs and values that my family does.  Calvin Christian School is going to help raise my children to be lifelong learners and children of God.

“I get to work with young people on a daily basis and inspire them about God’s creation. “

As a teacher at Calvin, I get to be a part of that family and process.  I get to work with young people on a daily basis and inspire them about God’s creation.  I don’t feel the need to move up to a “better career.”  I already have that amazing career, and I get to go back to it in two weeks.'

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