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A waive hello from Harvard

By June 6, 2014December 14th, 2020Faith & Learning

This past weekend, Christian Schatz (CCHS graduating senior) and Brian Duyst (CCHS Guidance Counselor) each spoke at the Harvard Prize Book Award reception held at the Balboa Park Club in San Diego.  This event honored San Diego and Imperial County recipients of the Harvard Prize Book Award and was hosted by the San Diego chapter of the Harvard Alumni Association.  Prize Books are presented annually to outstanding juniors worldwide "who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and achievement in other nonacademic areas."

Christian, co-valedictorian for the CCHS Class of 2014, was a Prize Book recipient last year.  In the fall, he will become the first CCHS graduate to attend Harvard College.  At the reception, Christian spoke about his experiences receiving the award along with applying and receiving admission to Harvard.  He compared the process to  awkwardly responding to a pretty girl waving to him one evening at Cruisin' Grand…and he not believing she could possibly be waving to him.  Christian ended by telling students that this award is Harvard "waving to them" (whether they believe it or not), and that they should have the courage to wave back by checking out Harvard and/or applying there.

Mr. Duyst expressed his gratitude to the supervisors of the Prize Book Award, highlighting that it gives students at small schools like Calvin a fair chance to be recognized and considered for admission by Harvard.  He congratulated the students receiving the award this year and encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunities it provides them.

Speaking at the Harvard Prize Book Award reception was a great honor and opportunity for Christian and Mr. Duyst.  They were both specially invited to speak by the San Diego Harvard Alumni Association, and were the only speakers at the event who had not attended Harvard.  Congratulations to both Christian and Mr. Duyst for this honor and opportunity to represent Calvin Christian School.'

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