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A Great Reminder!

By September 4, 2015December 10th, 2020Faith & Learning

Last Wednesday night we had our annual New Parent Orientation.  During this meeting, I get to talk with new parents about Christian education and teach them about Calvin Christian School with the hope that their transition into the Calvin family goes well.  These parents ask thoughtful questions as they do their best to help their students start at a new school.

I always start this evening out by asking two questions:

  1. What do you want for your children from Calvin Christian School?
  2. What does God want for your children from Calvin Christian School?

You may remember me asking those questions when you came to Calvin Christian New Parent Orientation, recently, or long ago. Every year I am surprised by the wise and thoughtful answers new parents give to those two questions.  They talk about many things.

  • They want an education that is Christ-centered
  • They want their children to grow in Christ
  • They hope their children learn what gifts they have so they can use them for God
  • They want their children to learn Christian service
  • They want their children to learn from a Christian teacher about God and His world

New Parent Orientation is one of the meetings that I genuinely look forward to.  It is exciting to see young Christian adults who desire for their children what Calvin has been doing for over 50 years.'

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