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A Calvin Story

By May 21, 2018September 11th, 2020Faith & Learning
2018 CCS Elementary Spring Concert

My husband and I have worked in public schools for almost two decades. Education and school community are important ideas to both of us. When it came to our own children, we enrolled them in public school to begin their educational journey.  And yet it didn’t meet our needs.  The school was too big and the teachers, for all their hard work and dedication, didn’t have time for the personalized attention we had hoped for our children.

So we began to research other options and through a recommendation from some friends of my in-laws, we discovered Calvin. We toured in the spring and fell in love with the elementary school. There were small classes with amazing teachers who nurtured, educated, and showered God’s love on little ones helping them grow into thoughtful, kind, young adults.  In the elementary school hallways, students of all grades said good morning to each other and laughter filled the air.  In the classrooms, children learned new ideas and grew in their love for God as well.

Fast-forward a couple of years later and my children love going to Calvin. During square time in the morning, the Principal leads a thoughtful discussion and prayer, which centers their morning and supports their spiritual growth and character development. For my son, who was the one who moved from public school to Calvin, his teachers at Calvin have been an amazing resource for him. They have been a blessing in his life, supporting him and helping him to find a new home.  My daughter, who started in the Calvin preschool and then transitioned to kindergarten with a whole class of friends, has thrived at Calvin from the very beginning.  Her favorite classes are Math, Art, and Bible and her faith grows daily alongside her academic learning.  She believes she can be anything because her teachers have taught her she can conquer any challenge.

For our part, my husband and I have found our community as well.  Volunteering at Calvin has broadened my faith and my friendship circle.  Working with the amazing parents on the Calvin Christian Service Group allows me to give back to a school that has already given my children so much. Through Calvin, our children have also learned the importance of service, completing projects for Interfaith and Little Angels Service Dogs, as well as many other nonprofit organizations. They are learning that they are part of a much larger world and that we must show compassion and love to all people. Calvin has given so much to our family in just a couple years and I look forward to the journey of faith and compassion in the years to come.'

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